As stated in my tagline, I’m a Libertarian and am Pro-American. I believe that the Constitution of the United States needs to be protected for the sake of our children and their children so that they may grow up free. I will engage in friendly debate and am more than willing to discuss my views with people who give me the same respect I offer them. We may disagree, but that’s no reason for name-calling or mud-slinging.

Please send all hate mail to Psycho ‘Gater Road in Kissitt, Lousiana – you don’t need an address … everybody knows everybody else down here. And if you decide to just stop by, that’s fine, too. Just get off the I-10 when you see the exit and keep driving until you’re good and lost and then start looking for the girl with the big hair and the shotgun. I’ll be sitting on the front porch waiting for you. Don’t forget to call ahead. I’ll pour you a sweet tea before we talk.


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