Stand for Freedom, Protect Your Civil Rights

At this point we need to start seeing that it doesn’t matter what we believe in or what our political views are, whether we’re religious or spiritual or atheist, we’re currently living in a time where our rights are being further eroded every day.

We’ve been told we can’t talk about certain things on social media like Facebook or Twitter, that it could get us fired from our jobs or brought up on charges if it in any way offended anyone – I’m sure you know of what I speak.

Members of the military have been told they can’t read the Bible or have one on or near his desk while they’re in uniform. An Army soldier was told he couldn’t read Conservative books. Not religious books, mind you. Books by Levin, Hannity, and Limbaugh. I wonder what would have happened if he’d been reading The Federalist Papers or The Constitutional Convention. Same thing, do you think?

So now you can’t speak of certain things and can’t read certain things. How long before we aren’t allowed to think a certain way? Believe a certain way?

The ACLU needs to stand up for ALL rights, not just pick and choose the ones that appeal to them. And we need to understand our Civil Rights and stand up for them ourselves. You’ll want them to be there if you ever need them.

Remember: once they’re gone, they’ll be gone forever. There are no take-backs here.

Stand for Freedom.

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I'm an American Libertarian with a great respect for the Constitution. I usually don't talk politics, mostly because I start sounding as if I have Tourette syndrome ... and other people tend to say what I'm thinking a lot more concisely than I could (and without the profanity). Married, cat mom, animal lover, writer, movie and book lover - especially horror and suspense. I love music. I'm an enthusiastic gamer - exclusively Co-Op FPS games, most recently Borderlands 2.

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