Uncivilized and Morally Bankrupt

There is absolutely zero accountability these days.

From news articles of kids on field trips dropping trash into the fountains of the National September 11th Memorial to stories of churches being vandalized, we’re seeing an increasing lack of respect and disdain for anything that contradicts the individual’s right to do whatever the hell they want.

More simply put: They don’t give a damn.

There’s no respect for authority, for private property, for other peoples’ views or feelings. If it doesn’t benefit these people, if it makes them angry or upsets them, then they’re well within their “rights” to proceed with any kind of retaliation they can think of.

And these are kids. They’ve been taught this lack of responsibility and accountability by the adults in their lives. Oh, it’s not their fault; they’re sorry.


That’s enough, right there, to get you steamed. Then you see an article where four boys were caught vandalizing a family home, but now it’s the property owner who’s facing charges. It seems that the man who caught them doing over $40,000 worth of damage to his father-in-law’s renovated house scared them when he took away the hammer they were using to trash the house and then made them get into a closet and stay there until police came.

The police showed up at the man’s house to arrest him two days later.

A case could be made that the man was afraid for his life. If I had to confront people, no matter the age, who were using a hammer to violently destroy my property, I think it wouldn’t be unreasonable to be a little concerned for my safety. That violence is troubling. I don’t know if those people have pets, but if they do they should count their blessings (assuming they can still count their blessings these days) that said pets are okay.

Final thought, here.

What would have happened to us if we’d done something like this growing up? I don’t mean just ending up in a juvenile detention center, because that’s more than likely what would have happened to us under these same circumstances and exactly what should happen in this case, but what our parents would have done do if we stepped out of line.

At the very least, we’d be threatened with some kind of punishment, whether that punishment was being grounded, having our allowances cut off (if you were lucky enough to even get an allowance), or both. Some of us might even have gotten a spanking, or worse a belt-whuppin’. (And, if you were of my dad’s generation, you might even have gotten the SWITCH®, of which we heard plenty when I was growing up. That was like a belt-whuppin’ of epic proportions.)

Now, not only is there constant erosion of values, morals, or anything approaching civilized behavior, but it seems as if the current generation of citizens is woefully lacking in the simple art of respect.


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I'm an American Libertarian with a great respect for the Constitution. I usually don't talk politics, mostly because I start sounding as if I have Tourette syndrome ... and other people tend to say what I'm thinking a lot more concisely than I could (and without the profanity). Married, cat mom, animal lover, writer, movie and book lover - especially horror and suspense. I love music. I'm an enthusiastic gamer - exclusively Co-Op FPS games, most recently Borderlands 2.

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