Stereotypes, SPLC, and the Library of Hate

I have a hard time taking SPLC seriously when they point fingers at hate groups – anything their name is on loses credibility. They have people on their hate list who talk about killing every white or black person they see, right alongside names of people whose religion doesn’t accept homosexuality – but who aren’t the type of finger-pointing, hate-mongers you see along the lines of WBC and the like. Those people don’t wish anyone ill … they just don’t agree. There’s a HUGE DIFFERENCE between wanting to kill someone and not accepting someone, for whatever reason.

Also, this seriously gets on my nerves:
Since then, white supremacist attitudes in the United States has not faded away, and the new papers reflect a historical shift in ultraconservative thinking, Mark Potok, a senior fellow for the Southern Poverty Law Center, told The Times.

Along with anything that says right wing people are nutjobs.

Why? Because being Conservative or right wing does not necessarily automatically mean someone:  _______________ [insert one or more of the following]
hates black people
hates gay people
hates poor people
hates immigrants
is insane
is a terrorist
wants to kill everyone who disagrees with them
hates animals
doesn’t have a heart
etc., etc., etc. … ad nauseum

Just as I’m pretty sure being  Liberal doesn’t mean that someone is automatically batshit crazy and wants to take over the world and remake it into some Utopian society, either. It could just mean, for the most part, that the person has chosen to vote Democrat because the party stands for what most closely resembles their views. Or at least that’s what I’m going to believe of most liberal democrats – just to give them the benefit of the doubt, although I’m certain that belief will be tested by quite a few left wing people in the coming years.

Here are the Wikipedia entries:

Know what else is wrong? Pointing fingers at people and making snap judgments because they choose to live their lives a certain way.

Like if they: _______________ [insert one or more of the following]
believe in God
believe in Jesus
don’t believe in God
don’t believe in Jesus
are a man loving a man
…or a woman loving a woman
want a polyamorous relationship
…or no relationship
aren’t very social
are an extrovert
want the law to mean something
live in the South
…in the North
…in the East
…in the West
listen to country music
listen to heavy metal
like classical music
…or pop
…or cheesy Disco
are patriotic
love America
respect the military
are a member of the military
put their family first
don’t agree with everyone around them
are a responsible gun owner
choose to not own a gun
etc., etc., etc. … ad nauseum

I think there’s quite a lot of hatred being spread by people lumping others into stereotypical categories without even giving them the chance to offer a rebuttal.

One last thing is worth stating and then I’ll get off my soapbox. Things like this Library of Hate are the exception rather than the rule. Most people – and that’s all people, not Cons or Dems or Right or Left, not gay or straight or asexual, not doctors or lawyers or garbage men, that’s all people – just want a few things out of life. They want food to eat, someone to love, and a safe place to live and to raise their children (or pets). They don’t want to control the world or to change the entire world. They just want their little bit of the world to be theirs and to live there in peace, without anyone trying to ‘help’ them or ‘fix’ them.

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